Sedation for nervous patients

Now there’s nothing to stop you getting the perfect smile

Many people are nervous or even frightened about having dental treatment, sometimes to the point where they will avoid visiting the dentist altogether. Often they will leave dental problems unattended until the last minute which can result in extreme measures having to be taken.

The Dental Health Centre in Witham is extremely sympathetic to patients with such anxieties, and as well as creating a relaxing, friendly and comfortable environment, we also offer sedation. This means that we can help even the most nervous of patients to overcome their fears and gain the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

What is sedation dentistry?

pictureSedation is a procedure which uses sedative medications to put the patient in a stress-free, relaxed and dream-like state, and make treatment pain-free. Once the sedative is administered, the patient will become drowsy and more relaxed during the dental treatment, but will still be able to co-operate with the dentist.

Sedation can help with a multitude of problems. For example, it is appropriate for people who are anxious about dental treatment, scared by needles or those who have conditions which make their teeth extra sensitive to pain. It can also help people who have sever gag reflexes and find it difficult to tolerate dental treatments in the mouth, or people who have medical conditions which make it hard to control their body movements.

We offer intravenous sedation. The dose will depend upon the amount of treatment needed and time it will take to complete. The only thing you have to think about is how amazing you will look and feel once your treatment is finished!

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“Witham dental health centre were absolutely brilliant. My smile is back! I am so grateful for your hard work. ”

by: Mrs S Brown.