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A bright, white smile turns heads and can dramatically improve the appearance of your whole face. But as we grow older things like smoking, food and drink, ageing and even antibiotics can take their toll on the colour of teeth and cause them to become darker, stained and unsightly. The good news is that teeth whitening, a process which lightens the natural colour of teeth without removing the surface, is one of the quickest ways to give your smile the wow factor.

pictureTeeth whitening is a complicated procedure and offers the best results when supervised by a professional. When you come to the Dental Health Centre in Witham, our dentists will first assess whether you are suitable for teeth whitening and then recommend the most suitable treatment for your teeth.

There are various forms of teeth whitening, but the most popular method is home whitening. What we do here is custom-make trays to fit your mouth perfectly. The trays, which are a little bit like gum shields only much thinner, are used to apply the whitening product. You have the flexibility to wear the trays whenever you like (for example, in the evening or overnight) and as much as you like, until you get the shade of whiteness you want.

At the Dental Health Centre in Witham, our dentists are highly experienced in teeth whitening procedures. We will examine and clean your teeth and gums thoroughly before your treatment begins and then supervise throughout to ensure you achieve the dazzling smile you want!

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“Witham dental health centre were absolutely brilliant. My smile is back! I am so grateful for your hard work. ”

by: Mrs S Brown.