For a head turning smile

Veneers are often known as the 'celebrity dental treatment', and for good reason. Today, you'd be hard pushed to find any celebrity that hasn't had their smile perfected with veneers - they are one of the ultimate dental techniques used in smile makeovers and can transform stained, damaged, crooked or wide-gapped teeth into a perfectly straight, white, head turning smile.

What are veneers?

pictureVeneers are very thin, tooth-coloured laminates or shells which are cemented onto the front surface of the teeth. They can be made in various materials including porcelain, ceramic and composites, but porcelain veneers are the most popular choice as they last the longest and provide the most realistic result.

At the Dental Health Centre in Witham, we custom-make veneers to suit the shape of your individual teeth to ensure they look as natural as possible. And if you want to improve the look of a single discoloured or stained tooth, we take great care to choose a shade of porcelain that will match your existing teeth perfectly.

Transform your smile with veneers

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“Witham dental health centre were absolutely brilliant. My smile is back! I am so grateful for your hard work. ”

by: Mrs S Brown.